The Lair of Kat Tut

Kat Tut reclined back on her enormous sofa and dropped pieces of kitty kibble into her mouth. They bounced off her teeth and into the bucket that was her open maw, and she smiled to herself and thought Extra Ball, though soon they would not earn her Extra Balls, but rather Bucket Bonuses. She was okay with this. It would mean competition, and she lived for competition.

Kat Tut chuckled. "It's a perfect plan, isn't it, my advisor?"

"Yes, Pharaoh."

"It will work, won't it?"

"Yes, Pharaoh.

"I have challenged them, and put a condition into the contract which prohibits Master Hu or Lord Cinderbottom from playing, and they were the only two that ever could have beaten me, and only those two if they got lucky."

"Yes, Pharaoh. No one else, and hardly them," the advisor said, though he knew this wasn't true. Kat Tut was a good player, but nothing close to Master Hu or Lord Cinderbottom. There were others that could have defeated her, too, like the magician, but he had disappeared years ago and no one had heard from him since, ever since the last tournament...

Still, it was good to humor the Pharaoh. Disagreeing with her could get you killed.

"And now, with your help, with your knowledge, plus my own natural skill, I shall defeat whatever measly opponent they could bring against me."

"Yes, Pharaoh."

"It really is an amazing plan, isn't it? I'm glad I thought of it."

She did not think of it! the advisor raged. I thought of it! But, no matter. Go along with what she says and wait until the time is right...

"With my Pyramid Power, plus the strength of your... what was it called?"

Renfield Pumpkin stepped out of the darkness. "Spooky Ball, Pharaoh."

"Yes, with your Spooky Ball plus my own abilities, I shall be UNSTOPPABLE!"

Kat Tut began to laugh, and the laughs turned into hissing and hacking, which continued until she was able to expell a hairball. "Sorry," she said. "I hate it when that happens."

"It is forgotten, Pharaoh."