School Daze

Jimmy Lightning ollied onto the hand rail and then grinded down it before dropping to the ground. Extreme! He swerved in between the other students and ducked to avoid a cafeteria diner's tray. "Sorry!" he called out, as he whizzed past the kid.

He turned back around just in time to see Master Hu, who was standing in the middle of the hallway and looking very grumpy. Jimmy was so startled that he fell off his board and went sliding down the hallway, stopping just short of Master Hu's feet. His board went rolling off in the other direction.

"Mr. Lightning!" Master Hu said. "What have I told you about skateboarding in school?"

"Not to do it?" Jimmy replied, looking up at his teacher.

"Then perhaps you can explain why I just caught you skateboarding in school?"

"Er..." Jimmy said, stalling as he picked himself off the ground. "You didn't?"

"You're suggesting I don't remember what I saw?"

"Er... Yes?"

Master Hu put a wing to his chin and stroked his feathers. "Yes. Perhaps I am confusing the actual reality with reality as I remember it. How could any person ever truly know which events have conspired and which events one merely possesses the memory of? Perhaps it is impossible."

Jimmy smiled. Another detention dodged at the Peggle Institute. He trotted over to pick up his skateboard, hoping the Master would be so lost in meditative contemplation that he would forget the entire matter. He walked to school, holding his board in one of his paws, and hoped the rest of the day would go as well as the beginning of it.